12 Foods To Avoid for a Flatter Stomach

The flex that comes with a flat stomach is very real, both aesthetic and health-wise. A flat stomach is a prerequisite to that hot summer body and keeps diseases like Alzheimer’s disease far away from you.

That said, it is not easy to achieve and/or maintain a flat stomach. A lot of efforts go into losing lower belly fat – workouts, diets, and more. Talk about diet, the quest for a flat stomach requires strict diet plans. The freedom to eat whatever you like and whenever you want is one thing you have to sacrifice.

In this post, we will be highlighting the foods to avoid if you really want to get that dream tummy of yours in the fastest time and with minimal efforts:

1. Cheese

Cheesy foods are delicious, no doubt. However, they are sources of saturated fat, which derives joy in hiding in your tummy. While we are not saying you should avoid cheese altogether, you must consume them moderately. Opt for healthy fats in foods like walnuts, oil, and salmon to satisfy your cheese cravings.

2. Potatoes

The high-calorie content in potatoes makes it an unsuitable companion on your journey to lose lower belly fat. You consume over 160 calories when you eat a medium potato. You do not have to stop eating potatoes altogether, but employ moderation while at it.

3. Refined Carbs

Going low-carb is not a guarantee for a healthy body. Instead, eating the right carbs will make you healthier. Refined carbs do more harm and no good. They increase your tummy fat and offer little nutritional value with their low fiber content. The better alternative here is the high-fiber whole grains.

4. Dried Fruits

You will be surprised to learn how much calories dried fruits pack. The absence of water in dry fruits means they have more sugar content. This, in turn, raises the calorie content. So, consuming dried fruits is just a subtle way of adding more calories to your body.

5. Packaged Foods

We cannot talk about packaged foods without mentioning the convenience they bring. However, if you are serious about reducing your lower stomach fat, you need to avoid them. They contain sodium and sugar in very high amounts, in addition to trans fats. Trans-fats are introduced to preserve the food for long. While this works, it comes with notable side effects in excess lower belly fat and inflammation.

6. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is on this list for the most obvious reason – it contains not less than 80% fat. It is one of the most counterproductive foods you can avoid on your quest to lose belly fat for women and men.

7. Alcohol

The health benefits of red wine are undeniable. However, the downside is that the calories from alcohol stay in the body in the form of belly fat. Should you stop alcohol? No, you do not have to. But you need to ensure moderation.

8. Processed white and wheat flours

Many foods cause obesity – processed white flours is one of them. It is important to state that processed white flour offers no or little nutrients. There is zero fiber content. Yet, it packs up to 450 calories per cup. That is so many calories to add to your body, especially if you are conscious of your tummy fat. The safer and more nutritious alternative is the 100% whole grain flour.

9. Carbonated beverages

Yes, Coke is quite refreshing. In fact, it gets better with each gulp. But do you know that a small 12-ounce can of Coke contains 140 calories? Now you know! Imagine how many calories you add to your body when you empty the bigger cans and bottles down your throat. You should avoid Coke and other carbonated beverages to reduce belly fat.

10. Sugar

This list will be incomplete without mentioning a major name in the anti-flat stomach food collection. Excess stomach fat is just one of the several negative effects sugar adds to the body. While we understand that it can be difficult to abstain from sugar forever, you must learn how to have just the right amount when the need arises. You must be conscious of coffee, juices, yogurt, and other unexpected sources of sugar. Remember, a cup of white sugar packs 773 calories!

11. Red Meat

Meat finds its way into our diet for harmless reasons, including boosting our protein content and maintaining a low-carb diet. However, red meat is not exactly a good source of protein. If you are sourcing your protein from the wrong sources, it may just be counterproductive on your efforts to get rid of belly fat. Fortunately, there are better and healthier protein sources than red meat. These include lead proteins such as turkey, chicken, and fish.

12. Yogurt

Oh, you thought we wouldn’t mention yogurt? Well, we just did! Yogurt is not the angel it appears to be. You add up to 170 calories to your calorie count each time you drink a cup of full-cream yogurt, and 120 calories if it is a fat-free yogurt. Are you the type that prefers the double-cream yogurt? Each cup contains about 230 calories. So, it is clear from all indications that you must avoid yogurt. Except you are not serious about your losing your lower stomach fat.


You need to lose belly fat if you want to have a flat stomach. Belly fat and flat tummy do not go together. While it is not a simple task, taking the right precautions can help you considerably. Note the foods mentioned in this article and avoid them if you want to get rid of belly fat faster. Remember, that dream tummy of yours is achievable.