14 Easy And Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat only becomes an elaborate long-term process when you want it to. You will be surprised that you can lose belly fat fast with a few trips, even without starving, exercising for several hours, or forcing yourself to follow an unusual juice diet. This article provides practical and proven ways to achieve significant progress in your belly fat loss journey within a few days.

Without wasting time, let’s check them out!

1. Ensure that all your meals contain protein

The right way to lose fat is to do it while preserving your muscle mass. When you eat protein at every meal, you supply the body with enough material to repair and regrow your muscle tissue. Proteins fill you for a long time, helping you to crave less of these unhealthy and counterproductive juices. Another reason to take protein regularly is that your body invests more energy into its breakdown and digestion. For best results, eat up to 20g of protein every meal.

2. Take a pre-breakfast walk

A pre-breakfast walk is a morning ritual that will help you on your quest to lose belly fat. According to research, the morning light regulates the body’s circadian clock. An unstable circadian clock will mess with your internal food processing sequence. This, in turn, contributes to weight gain. However, some early morning sunlight can reduce your BMI considerably. It also improves your cardiovascular ability and makes workouts more effective.

3. Prepare your meal in advance

Diet is an integral part of losing belly fat. Preparing your meals for the day in advance will help you better monitor your macros and calorie consumption. It gives you sufficient time to measure and prepare your meals correctly. You have better chances of eating healthy and at the right time. You can buy your food in bulk, portion it out, and/or cook your food in batches to portion and preserve until you will need them.

4. Eat more red fruits and less green fruits

Red fruits are recommended over greens for faster results when trying to reduce belly fat. For instance, eat red grapes over the green ones or watermelons over honey drew. The flavonoids, including anthocyanins that give red fruits their color, are very nutritious. They also reduce the activities of the fat-storage genes. Research has shown that phenolic compounds in some fruits can mediate the expression of fat genes.

5. Keep track of your calories

Losing belly fat follows a simple rule – burn more calories than you consume. You can only ensure a calorie deficit when you effectively track your calories. Start by estimating your calorie maintenance level is, i.e., the number of calories your body needs to maintain a certain weight. Now, reduce this intake by about 20%. This, alongside consistent tracking, will help you to maintain a calorie deficit.

6. Reduce carbs

Carbs offer no positives to your efforts to get rid of belly fat. It inflames your body when consumed in excess, in addition to adding more weight to your body. Low-carbs are recommended instead, especially if you are just starting your weight loss journey. Avoid pasta, baked foods, cereal, and bread as much as you can. Take more green vegetables, sweet potato, and other sources of low carbs.

7. Take more Avocados

Avocados and other fresh produce will help you to lower belly fat fast within a short period. These foods are chemical-free and fresh. They contain monounsaturated fats and unsaturated fats. The former regulates your hunger switches, and the former prevents the accumulation of belly fat. They keep you filled while helping you to lose belly fat. They also contribute to healthy and brighter skin and better sleep.

8. Increase your daily activity levels

Your overall activity levels must be high if you are serious about losing belly fat. This does not necessarily translate to spending more time in the gym. However, it simply means more movement and engaging in more physical activities as you go about your day. A sedimentary lifestyle with a short stint in the gym will not bring results.

9. Try some plant-protein smoothie

Protein drinks can easily replace other sweet foods you turn to, to satisfy your cravings. Unlike commercial drinks with tons of chemicals, this natural, simple snack keeps your protein levels high without the risk of bloating and inflammation. These protein shakes offer the same muscle-building and fat-burning benefits while keeping you in shape.

10. Try some resistance training

You can cover more grounds within a short period by sticking to a progressive and well-designed weight training program. You will only attract more fat if you limit yourself to isolation exercises such as bicep curls and leg extensions. Instead, try pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, and similar exercises to add more muscle mass and reduce belly fat.

11. Eggs are beneficial

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods you can add your diet if you are trying to get rid of belly fat. Eggs contain Choline – a nutrient that attacks the gene mechanism that triggers the body system to accumulate fat around the liver. Include fresh farm eggs in your diet (maybe alongside sweet potatoes) and see a significant reduction in your tummy fat.

12. Sleep better

Proper sleep and weight loss are interconnected. Good sleep is pivotal to an optimally-functioning body. You need sufficient rest to recover and perform at your best. You also need it to lose weight. Your body optimizes your testosterone and growth hormone levels when you are fast asleep at night. It also cuts down on cortisol production. Insufficient sleep leads to an increase in cortisol levels, and in turn, food craving, depleted energy, and unhealthy food cravings.

13. Stay adequately hydrated

Water offers a lot of benefits to the body. If your body is not sufficiently hydrated, every cellular process in the body struggles to stay regulated. A similar effect is observed in muscle protein production. You need to stay hydrated if you want optimal power and strength needed to perform well in your workouts. In terms of weight loss, insufficient water incapacitates your liver to metabolize fat as expected. Staying hydrated leaves this responsibility to your kidney.

How do you stay adequately hydrated? Take one or two glasses of water 10 minutes before your meal. Drink one liter of water per 25kg of body weight. So, a 75-kg human will need three liters of water every day.

14. Think long term

Avoid emergency solutions, crash diets, overly-intensive training regimes, or weight loss pills. They make it challenging to create and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Instead, go for a long-term, sustainable plan to lose your belly fat.

Finally, all the tips mentioned above are proven stomach fat burners that work within short periods. So, if you are looking to get results as soon as possible, apply them diligently.