20 Effective Ways To Get A Flat Stomach Without Exercising

Getting a flat tummy is not a walk in the park. From special diets to continuous exercises and lifestyle changes, people are expected to put in a lot of effort into getting results. These pressing demands sometimes force people to back out halfway on their journey to slim belly fat.

Fortunately, you can still slim tummy fast without going through the conventional rigorous process. Not everyone has the time and luxury to exercise all the time. For some, work is demanding, and for others, exercising is not just their thing.

In this post, we have compiled the most effective ways of getting a flat tummy without putting yourself through physical exercise rigors. We know you cannot wait to see how they work, so let’s get to it!

1. Drink sufficient water

Perhaps, the most natural thing you can do on your flat tummy journey is to drink sufficient water. Water has continually demonstrated its potentials in achieving weight loss and flat tummy. Water is a known metabolic rate booster, increasing the total energy you expend daily by about 100 calories. Drinking water before meals ensures you take only a few calories. Water helps to relieve constipation and debloat your belly. For best results, drink a glass of water before every meal – it goes a long way in helping your flat tummy course.

2. Refined carbs are not beneficial

Anyone serious about getting a flat tummy must not love carbs. Research has shown waistline expansion as one of the results of consuming refined carbs. The low-carb diets bind with the fat around organs to expand waistlines and keep your tummy bloated. Reducing your total carb intake will help to slim belly fat, besides reducing your waist circumference. Instead of refined carbs, take whole food carbs and get your slim tummy fast.

3. Drink more protein shakes

Tummy shakes are one of the simplest yet effective flat tummy meals. It ensures your diet is never void of flat tummy proteins. Sufficient protein in the body improves metabolism, keeps you filled for long, and ultimately helps your flat tummy journey. Flat tummy proteins also help to trim your waist circumference. All you have to do is include these extra proteins in your flat tummy diet.

4. Avoid stress

While it is impossible to avoid stress and anxiety altogether in our lives, we can try to keep them at low levels. No matter how you choose to see it, stress is not friendly to the body. It puts you at the risk of diseases and forces people to eat without getting hungry. Higher stress levels also compel the production of cortisol, which in turn forces accumulation of belly fat.

For starters, consider meditation, yoga, and similar stress-relieving activities. See where and how you can introduce them into your daily routines. It works wonders like flat tummy meals and flat tummy protein.

5. You need Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

There are many “good fats” out there, and monounsaturated fatty acids are one of them. Monounsaturated fatty acids are usually liquid at room temperature and are only obtainable from specific diets.

Eating foods rich in these good fats ensures that fats do not accumulate in your tummy. This singular act is a giant step towards your goal of slim tummy fast and achieving a flat tummy.

If you wonder what foods offer monounsaturated fatty acids, you should take more Mediterranean diets. These include diets made from foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits, potatoes, fish, spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, and seafood.

6. Do not ignore Probiotics

Probiotics are big players in the weight loss game. These live bacteria help to achieve the right bacterial balance in the gut. Obese people usually have a different (unbeneficial) gut bacterial composition – a key reason for fat accumulation in their bodies. When such people take probiotics, more beneficial gut flora is introduced to prevent fat accumulation. Some Probiotics strains that help achieve flat tummy include Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus amylovorus, and Lactobacillus fermentum. These bacteria are available in foods like tempeh, kefir, yogurt, pickles.

7. Your body needs more protein

You may have heard that there is no weight loss without proteins. Further, protein is also pivotal to your quest to slim belly fat. The number of calories that go into digesting protein is higher, compared to carbs and fat. So, the more proteins your body burn, the more calories you lose. Another reason to take protein is that it helps to keep you filled for long. It also ensures you lose weight without losing your muscle mass. Higher protein intake can also reduce your waistline.

Our bodies require varying amounts of protein, depending on gender, age, and body activity level. However, for best results, work towards making protein the source of 20-30% of your daily protein requirements.

Start by introducing more high-protein diets into your daily meal plans.

8. Soluble fiber works wonder

Why do you need soluble fibers? They ensure your food spends more time in the digestive tract and condition the body to absorb large amounts of water. The delay in stomach emptying ensures that you stay satiated for long. It helps your body to regulate the number of calories it gets from food. With soluble fiber in your system, your organs are free of accumulated fat, helping you stay healthier. Your waist circumference reduces when you eat more soluble fiber. Foods like blackberries, legumes, avocados, flaxseeds, and Brussel-sprouts are excellent sources of soluble fibers.

9. Reduce your calorie intake

Cutting down on your calorie intake results in weight loss. The rule of thumb suggests that an individual can lose about 1-2 pounds weekly if they cut down their calorie intake by 500-1000 calories. However, it is important not to over-do the reduction in this case. Insufficient calorie in the body leads to slower metabolism or an inadequate number of calories available to power various body activities. So, ensure that you restrict calorie intake moderately and for the right period.

10. Do not swallow gases

How do you swallow gases? That is the question you are probably asking right now. Interestingly, breathing and opening your mouth to allow air intake do not translate to swallowing gases. But taking carbonated beverages definitely does. Drinks like soda always contain carbon dioxide in the form of bubbles. When this carbon dioxide finds its way into the tummy, it causes belly bloating and distention. Away from carbonated beverages, talking during meals, chewing gum, and drinking through a straw all have a way of increasing bloating.

So, it is better to drink from a glass, eat without talking, and take less carbonated drinks if you want to achieve a flat tummy faster.

11. Too much alcohol is counterproductive

Excessive alcohol intake and flat tummy are not synonymous. You will be surprised at how many calories a gram of alcohol contains – up to seven. Your body does not need these liquid calories. In fact, it negates your efforts to slim belly fat. For a clearer perspective, drinking a glass of sugary soft drink and a glass of beer will send the same number of calories into your body. Red wine doubles that amount for each glass.

While you may not have problems with moderate drinking, going overboard will hurt your flat tummy quest. Excessive alcohol increases weight gain around the stomach.

12. You cannot go wrong with eggs

There are many reasons to eat eggs – they are prominent protein sources and offer a couple of weight loss benefits. Eggs are healthy foods. Nutritious, yet with only 77 calories. Including eggs as part of your flat-tummy diets can improve results over time. It cuts down your calorie requirements for the following 24 hours. Eating eggs also helps to reduce waist size – even more than other flat tummy meals.

The weight loss properties of eggs and low-calorie content makes them one of the most effective flat-tummy meals.

13. Coconut oil is a suitable replacement for fat

The fatty acids mixture in coconut means it contains an abundant number of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). You can substitute dietary fat with MCTs to stay filled for longer and force your body to expend more energy. Coconut oil is one of the most effective fats for reducing waist size.

Considering that coconut oil adds 9 calories to your meal for every gram, it is best not to add it to your meal alongside other possible fat sources.

14. Seldom Fatty-fish or Fish Oil meals help

Fatty fish contains the omega-3 fatty acids – a healthy, nutritious fatty acid and protein. So, you are getting good fat and beneficial FA in just one food. The protein helps the weight loss by ensuring you burn more fat in its digestion. Likewise, the omega-3-fatty acids ensure that fats do not stick around your abdominal cavity and liver for too long.

If you can, eat fatty fish once or twice every week. If fatty fish is not your thing, fish oil and supplements are perfect replacements.

15. Intermittent fasting can be very useful

What is intermittent fasting? It means you switch between eating and fasting for certain periods. For instance, you can go 24-hours at a stretch for two or three times a week. Alternatively, you can stay away from food for 16 hours in a day, while designating the other 8 hours as your eating window. This way, you reduce your calorie intake unconsciously.

Compared to the conventional weight-loss diets, intermittent fasting is easier to adopt and maintain without taking away its effectiveness. It is an easy and proven way of getting a flat tummy without going through rigorous exercises.

16. You do not need too much-added sugar

Added sugar does more harm than good. It is a known cause of heart diseases, fatty liver disease, and type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, knowingly or unknowingly, we consume over 10 spoons of added sugar every day. The implications of these are severe, notably bigger waist size and bloated tummy.

You must be conscious of added sugar in your foods. When you are not sure, check the ingredients list to be certain.

17. Green tea and unsweetened coffee are great

You can never go wrong with green tea and unsweetened coffee. Both have been tipped by nutritionists as healthy beverages that can replace your soda and sugary drinks. Coffee conditions your body to burn more calories – up to 11% more in some cases. Green tea extract contains supplements that boost your metabolism and fat-burning rates by over 15% and your daily calorie expenditure by about 5%.

So, take some oolong tea, black tea, and green to slim tummy fast, reduce your waist size, and condition your body to burn more fats.

18. Sleep well

Sufficient sleep will do a lot of good for your weight loss journey. You will most likely gain weight if you get less than five hours of sleep as an adult. For women, it results in a bigger waist size and obesity. So, to avoid these issues, ensure that you get healthier lengths of sleep. Normal sleepers have higher chances of staying slimmer and healthier.

19. Monitor your food intake

Tracking your food consumption on your weight loss journey will help you get results faster. For starters, open a food diary and document your food in pictures. Also, count your calories. While this is not expected to last forever, you can do it every few weeks. Do the tracking for some days in a row. Over time, the data put your flat tummy journey into a clearer perspective and helps to decide if one or two changes are needed.

20. Be more active

You can stay active without necessarily exercising. We can tweak most of our daily activities to make us more productive. For example, standing up and walking around while on the phone, fidgeting for minutes, or taking work to a standing desk can increase calorie expenditure with additional 2,000 calories every day. The exact numbers vary – it is usually based on the activity level and weight of each person.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a flat tummy is achievable without rigorous exercises. This post has confirmed that, in addition to providing possible ways of getting to the promised land without intensive cardio or resistance training. You can pick the options that best suit you or combine all of them. Either way, you should be ready to put in the work and efforts and develop the patience to see results.

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